Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What procedures will insure safe and effective use of electronic communications?
     The most effective way to insure internet safety is first have a unpredictable password so no one can't guess it. Then the next best thing to do is delete is to delete all unknown messages because those are the ones with the viruses and the spam. The final thing i would do is never accept anyone you don't know because they are going to be the ones that will hurt yuo or your computer.
     Your pass word is like your mot around your castle it will protect strangers from getting in your account and all your personal information. If nobody can get through your password then all you personal information is safe. You ever have a message that came out of no where those are the messages that can put viruses on your computer. Viruses can slow your computer down or even prevent it from working at all so to keep that from happening delete all unknown messages. Last but last don't accept any one you don't know beause these people can trick you into thinking they are nice people and want you to meet them. Then as soon as they get in your face they are not even the person you saw on the web site but they are trying to hurt as well.
    As you an see there are many effective ways to insure internet safety but the safest way to insure your safety is to not even get on the internet in the first place there many other ways to do thing that you can do on the computer. 

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